New York, New York

I have just returned from a glorious trip to New York City — a much-needed (semi-working) vacation! It was my first extended photographic trip in over two years and my first time to the Big Apple in more than thirty years.

I met a fellow photographer friend from London. We quickly learned that we have very different shooting styles. She is very much a landscape-only shooter, while I tend to mix landscapes with street and people shooting. I do enjoy shooting with other people, but I learned on this trip that I also tend to relish the freedom that solitude allows. We found a balance that worked for both of us. We split our time so that we could spend some time together and some time shooting solo. If you’re ever faced with a question of whether to shoot with someone else or alone, remember there’s always a compromise point.

There is so much to see in the city and yet I was able to see and do most of the things on my list in only eight days, although I could have filled a month or more easily. Depending on one’s budget and time, there are endless possibilities. Money is not a limiting factor, because many of the things photographers want to see in NYC are free.

From high atop Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building (admission required):

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

One World Observatory

One World Observatory


… to Central Park:

Bow Bridge, Central Park

Bow Bridge in Central Park

Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry:

Lady Liberty from the Ferry

Statue of Liberty and NYC skyline from Staten Island Ferry

Ferry riders

Ferry passengers enjoying the ride

… as well as the city skyline:

NYC skyline from Staten Island Ferry   Staten Island Ferry

Then there are the people of New York City, here just a few of the many I captured!


Seen in Little Italy


Most people love it when you take their picture!


Little Italy


Little Italy


A decisive moment at Chelsea Market


Statue at High Line Park






My two favorite outings that I haven’t yet processed were The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Flushing Corona Park where the Unisphere is located. Flushing was a great day for several reasons: I got photos I never thought I would — including the rail yard. I didn’t realize it was there until I crossed it.

More about New York City in a subsequent post when I’ve had more time to process more photos. If you are a photographer, regardless of your style of photography, New York City is rich in opportunities.

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